About Us

The Global Mother Divine Organization
and Transcendental Meditation®

“The dignity of a woman’s life is infinite—her status immeasurable, her capacity unbounded, her role divine. She fulfills the role of the sustainer, creator, and promoter of life. She is that focal point from which radiates serenity. In the fast changing world of today, her vision penetrates into the reality of the far beyond, the reality which endures beyond change.” —Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The Global Mother Divine Organization, the women’s wing of the Global Country of World Peace, was established to raise the quality of life of every woman, every mother and every child in 192 countries of the world by providing the knowledge of Total Natural Law to develop higher states of consciousness—the full potential and birthright of every individual and the basis for living life in peace, health, happiness and fulfillment.

Total Natural Law is the nourishing power of evolution that guides the ever-progressive development of life on earth. Total Natural Law, when fully awake in our awareness, allows us to spontaneously radiate a powerfully nourishing and life-supporting influence at all times, through all of our thought, speech and action.

Global Mother Divine Organization holds that every woman is divine in that her essential nature is to give and to nourish. In this sense, every woman is ‘mother.’

The strength of society and the character of national life directly depend on the quality of consciousness of the women of the nation. The time has come for the women of the world to come together to usher in a new Era of Peace—for all generations to come. And it will be through our own enlightenment that we will most effectively transform the world.

Peace and fulfillment in life are the natural result of a life lived in harmony with the Laws of Nature. Global Mother Divine Organization (GMDO) offers holistic, time-honored programs that enliven the unifying forces of Natural Law so that life flows in a progressive, harmonious and balanced way for the good of all.

The Transcendental Meditation Program

Founded by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the Global Country of World Peace offers the knowledge and direct experience of the field of Pure Consciousness, the transcendental reality at the basis of all creation and the home of all the Laws of Nature, through the Transcendental Meditation program (TM®) and its advance techniques. This meditation technique, practiced 20 minutes twice each day, has become the most widely practiced and the most extensively researched method of self-development in the world today. (With more than 350 peer reviewed, published studies, including 54 random control studies, conducted by more than 50 universities and research institutes including MIT, Harvard, National Institutes of Health.)

TM is a simple, natural mental technique; a spontaneous, effortless march of the mind to its own unbounded source. Through the Transcendental Meditation technique, the mind unfolds its potential for unlimited awareness, transcendental awareness, Unity Consciousness—a lively field of pure potentiality, where every possibility is naturally available to the conscious mind. The conscious mind becomes aware of its own unbounded essence, its infinite potential.

The ultimate goal of the TM technique is enlightenment.

“Enlightenment is the normal, natural state of health for the body and mind. It results from the full development of consciousness and depends upon the perfect and harmonious functioning of every part of the body and nervous system. When one is using the full potential of the mind and body in this way, every thought and action is spontaneously correct and life-supporting. This is life free from suffering, life lived in its full stature and significance.
“The goal of the Transcendental Meditation Technique is the state of enlightenment. This means we experience that inner calmness, that quiet state of least excitation, even when we are dynamically busy.” —Maharishi Mahesh Yogi